Wednesday, April 18, 2012

omg omg omg omg!

This weekend in Tease-O-Rama!!! Whoot whooooot! Can you tell I'm excited?  Tease-O-Rama will be my first ever burlesque festival. This whole weekend will be devoted to burlesque. Classes during the day and shows during the night. These are the best of the burlesque performers from all over America.

I'm so excited right now that I can't even focus on what to write in this blog.  I'm really looking forward to the whole experience. Being surrounded by like minded people will be wonderful. I have been bombarded by people who are 'anti' burlesque lately. So my sparkle soul needs this. I get to have my wonderful friend Tasty Temptress with me for the weekend too! Yeah!

So, what's the scoop? Thursday night= huge Hubba Hubba show, where Bombshell Betty will be performing! Friday= classes, I have to work till 12(Boo) but I'm hoping to catch an afternoon class. Now these class are being taught by the best! I mean....Fan dancing with Dirty Martini! wow!! Friday night= Amazing show, Cathrine D'Lish, Dirty Martini, the Shanghai Pearl! I can't wait to see the costumes, the sexy, the moves, the facial expressions...everything. And Saturday= more classes & the SUUUPER show at night. I call it the SUUUPER show only because Jo Boobs, Kalani Kokonuts, and Kitten de Ville will be performing. Then as the cherry on this glitter Sunday....I get to hear stories straight from the women who started this whole crazy world in the 40's, 50's & 60's. Yeah!

This is a chance for me to watch and learn and get inspired. So excited! I know I'll see some of you there. I bet you will all wish you were going ;)

Dangerous Delilah

Monday, April 16, 2012

Making an Act~ Part two, the Costume

*Side note before I start. I want to blog and use  my own photos, but my camera is lost at the moment :(  So when it is found I will show you all, my original costume. xoxo

We all know what Cruella looks like. Long, slip like black dress, red gloves, red heels and over sized cream fur coat. To make my costume these are the MUST pieces. When thinking about costumes I always try to think of what I might already have. I am the queen of reusing costume pieces, I mean hey this stuff gets expensive! I've scoured my closet to think of what I have. I have 1) a long cream coat with a large fur collar. This would work really well, but I don't want to be throwing it on the stage floor or leaving it alone in the dressing room. 2) I have an amazing fluffy white boa. I think this will look beautiful on stage & that is what it was made for (the spotlight!) 3) I have long satin red gloves. Done. 3) I have a short black dress....nah this needs to be long. So I have to buy a new dress, always fun. Last, 4) I have sky high red heels. Done.

 It looks like the think I need first it the dress. I jump onto google images and put in long black dress for inspiration. I found a couple and looked up where to get them. Yikes! The price was waay outta what I would want to spend. Then I had a light bulb go off, "look up slips" So I headed right on over to Fredrick's of Hollywood and found a beautiful long satin slip at the perfect price! Yeah!!! It will need some tweaking to be stage ready...meaning it comes off in a fun unexpected way and it will need some sparkle ;)

It seems now I have my basic MUST items under control. Next I had to think about what goes underneath it all. Since this costume has a set look I couldn't get away from, it's the underthings that got my creative juices flowing! I thought about how I could incorporate the dalmatian into my costume in an interesting way. Bingo! A spotted corset and to make it even creepier... with red lines or ruffles some how (kinda like blood). Red panties and maybe a red bra under the corset. These things I want to make custom all myself. (so I can't wait to find my camera and show you!!!!)  Ok, I'm a little mad now that I can't find it.

This in black will be nice

So here's to finding my camera. And getting this costume together!
Dangerous Delilah

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Making an Act~ Part 1

Recently a reader of mine said she was really interested in how I make an act up, from start to finish.  This process is so crazy and fun and creative, so I'm going to do a series on this topic as I get ready for a show in May.

Most of the shows I perform in are produced by my teacher Bombshell Betty. So what happens is.... she will put out a performer call with the theme for that month. I can sign up or not depending on if I like the theme, have the time and the money. Then it's a mad dash to figure out a character, costume concept, and song. These have to be submitted to her as quick as I can, since Betty has so many other performers submitting ideas at the same time. If I want a spot in the show, I pretty much have to submit an idea in a flash! Yes, this is a little frustrating since for me the song selection takes the longest and I want to put thought into what I want my act to be, but I think she is pretty willing to let a performer change things up a bit as the act grows.

For May 8th show the theme is great! Super hero's & villain's.  I HAD to be in this one. First question: do I want to be a super hero or a villain?  That was easy, who has more naughty fun? The villain of coarse! Second question; Who do I want to be? The first idea that came to me was Cat woman, but that to me was too obvious a character, one everyone would expect to see. The next idea was Poison Ivy. I imagined flowers and vines wrapped around my body, but then I realised my good friend Miss If-N-Whendy had already done an act similar & I didn't want to copy. Then, I had the shining moment idea. The "of coarse I have to be her" idea. The "I can't be anyone BUT her" idea.
Cruella de Vil !!

How perfect a villain is she? She is so naughty, and bosses around men, and her outfit is wonderful.  You have to hate her and love her.  Alright, character = done.

Next, the area that is the hardest for me and takes the longest, finding the right music.  I right way thought of the part of the movie where Rodger is playing a song on his piano about Cruella de Vil. I looked it up on youtube   a very cute and fun Disney song, but not one for burlesque. 

I just kept searching and found the perfect song on itunes, Cruella De Vil by Knightsbridge. It's fun, jazzy, and has a great beat for burlesque!

Last, I had to come up with a costume.  This is pretty easy as Cruella has a pretty famous costume.
I have to figure out how to make it all come off and what will be underneath, but more on that on another blog.

I sent every thing in hoping that it would be approved. And, it was! I'm so happy to be able to come up with my own rendition of such a famous villain!

Check in with me and see how this idea grows into a reality of a full on performance.

Dangerous Delilah

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Momma & Burlesque

 My mom came to visit me!! I knew just where to take her, to the fabulous show put on by none other than my mentor Bombshell Betty. Once in a blue moon, Betty puts on a show on Friday nights and this happened to coincide with my moms visit. So I just HAD to take her.

Now, my mom knows I am a burlesque dancer, but she doesn't reeally like to talk about it. I have shown her my beautiful and fun costumes, but once I start telling her how they come off, she is no longer interested.

I really wanted her to understand what I do and what burlesque really is. This show was perfect, I wasn't performing so she could just watch and be entertained! But, I was a little nervous, what if she didn't like it?!

We got all dressed up and went out to a super yummy french restaurant. Some good food, a little wine and we were off to the show. The Los Shimmy Shakers were opening that night with a few dancers of their own. And what was so awesome about not only was the music amazing, but three of my most favorite dancers were dancing for them!! Ms. Red Velvet, Ms. Tasty Temptress and Ms. If-N-Whendy! Oh how I love these lady's. I was so happy and my mom was having a great time. Then to my surprise Bombshell Betty came out and did a stunning, flowy number with the band! My mom loved her. One of the best parts of the night....Mr. Randy Johnson welcomed my mom from up on stage. She got a real kick out of that.

During the break I introduced a few of my burlesque friends to my mom. I showed her the burlesque poker cards I was in, she bought a pair of Randys famous pasties and we watched a few more acts. Since my sister had talked my mom into wearing super high heels, her feet started hurting, well.... all of ours were, and we headed out a bit early.

I asked her what she thought.....She............................liked it!! Whoot whoot! She talked about some of the performers she liked and said she had fun and that it was a bit like theater.  I know that if people learn what burlesque really is, they see that it's not a bad thing.                                                

Love you mom & thank you for being open minded!!

Dangerous Delilah

Sunday, January 29, 2012

How to Get Into Burlesque

Recently I had an old friend from waaay back in the day ask me how can she get into doing burlesque. In answer to her I decided to blog about it. The easiest way to start burlesque is to take a fun class from a sassy instructor. There are classes all over America in the large cities, you just have to google it.  In the class you will learn to bump and to grind you hips to the beat, how to sloooowly peel off an article of clothing, you'll learn how to find your stage persona. You will be guided week by week on how to create your first striptease, by an expert. This is what I did, my mentor and now friend is the amazing Bombshell Betty. Get some guts and sign up, you don't have to go up on stage if you don't want to, but going to class will bring you some excitement and fun. And in the end if you do want to get up on that stage you will be dazzling from what you learned in class.

I suggest you go to some burlesque shows in your area. During intermission or after the show ask a performer you enjoyed watching, where she learned her craft or if she is a teacher. Many performers are very friendly and happy to talk to you. Also, there are many forms of burlesque, so going to shows will help you get an idea of what style appeals to you. And on top of that, a lot of people don't fully understand what burlesque is..... all the better to go to a local show to see first hand what it's all about.

If you are in a town without a burlesque scene of its own, what's a girl to do? I say get out there and start it yourself. Youtube burlesque and watch and learn. Take some dance classes just to learn movement, and music. You can google different costumes ideas. And practice. practice, practice. Once you have an act, start going to venues that host variety shows, and bands, that's the kind of place where you will be performing. Another idea is to befriend bands, you could learn an act to one or two of their songs and when they book a venue, there you go. Be creative and don't give up. Just remember to ask about the level of nudity allowed, I don't know the laws so learn them yourself. I do know that where a place has a liquor license, you must not show nipples and something about butt crack not showing too much.....

Here are a few links to burlesque schools. The only one I can say is worth going to is Bombshell Bettys, but that's because I went to her class, and she is amazing at what she does. If you are in San Francisco area take the classes from her!

 These are just links I found thru google.

California Burlesque Classes;
San Francisco~ 1 .
                         3.    (workshops only)


San Diego~1.
                  2.San Diego Burlesque Classes & Paries by Mimi Le Meaux~

Orange County/ Temecula~
New York Burlesque Classes;
                  New York~
Portland, Oregon Burlesque Classes;
 Seattle, Washington Burlesque Classes;
Colorado Burlesque Classes;
               Fort Collins ~ 1.
               Denver~        1.
Columbus, Ohio Burlesque Classes~
London, England Burlesque Classes~

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Amazing, Drool Worthy Rhinestone Shoes

I have been a very busy bee these days. Doing what you may ask? I've been putting little rhinestones, one by one on shoes. Why am I doing this you may ask? To make AMAZING drool worthy rhinestone, incredibly sparkly shoes.

So I'm going to tell you how I did it. First you need rhinestines. On these shoes I'm using SS16 (thats the size) and the color is aurora borealis. This are a rainbow of colors, just like the real thing in the night sky. They are stunning. If you are going to take the time to make rhinestone shoes, invest in quality rhinestones. You don't have to get swaroski crystals, but please don't get plastic.

This is my bucket of rhinestones. I love to look at it. There are several thousand here. You'll need them.

Next, dump a few rhinestones into a shallow container. Here I put them in a lid. This is key to being able to dab at them.

 Things you'll need to make your life MUCH easier. Rubber eraser, this is what you'll use to pick up the stone.

Another tool you'll need is a narrow, thin paint brush.

 Stick some rubber eraser onto the blunt end of the paint brush.
 See how you dab the stone to pick it up? You want to pick up the shiny, curved, stone part. Not the flat black side.

 Next you paint on your glue. I use a glue called Gem-Tac. You can get it at arts- n-craft store (but wasn't able to find it at Michaels) and fabric store. After you get the glue on the shoe, you place to flat side onto the shoe. These should be placed as close as possible. I know one fabulous lady (Bombshell Betty) who even sprinkles glitter inbetween the stones! Whew! Thats a lot of work.

Don't worry about the glue, it dries clear.

Rhinestone close up!!

Here are the amazing shoes. The first show I wore them to, when I got off stage, I was bombarded by so many different women commenting about my shoes, how much they love them & want them & where I got them & how much they cost......and, and , and!

These babys dazzle on stage!

Dangerous Delilah