Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Now that I have been performing a little over a year I have quite a few costumes.  The problem is, where to put them all!  Some are small and don't take much room but some are fluffy or heavy and have multiple layers and pieces.
I've been putting some of them in plastic bags and then hooking them on a hanger, then shoving them in a closet. This isn't soo bad but it makes for finding what I want difficult. Then the bags got too heavy and the handles started to tear. 

So I headed to Target and got these little beauties.                                                                                      
I filled them up and now everything has a home. They take up a lot of room, A LOT. So that's not so good, but I can put multiple small costumes in one and I like that they are not getting crushed. My small feather fans are no longer getting licked by my cat so that's super good.

I also have a ton of fishnets, other stockings and gloves. These I put into a plastic drawer that I had other crap in. I also put in garter belts. Unfortunately, I don't have a dresser so storage has been a challenge without one. I want to keep my burlesque things close together but also separate from my normal clothes. I put glitter jewelry in a ziplock so the glitter doesn't go all over everything.
So I'm going to see how it goes. It's not perfect, but it's better, and since this has been a new year resolution, it feels good to be making progress.

Anyone have there own ideas they want to share?
Dangerous Delilah

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Drink Up!

Hehehe! That's just what I did. Last night was a show in Oakland with Bombshell Betty. It was a great time, actually one of the funner shows I've ever done. I was drunk. At a show I will usually not drink and if I do I have one, that's it. I want to make sure I do every think right, but mostly I don't drink because I have to work the next day and I don't want to over sleep or have a
What was different last night? Two things; one, my boss is out of town so even tho I have to go to work it's not as stressful, Yippee! Second, my dance is a fun one and has real line dance steps that I used to do back in the day. But the first time I performed the dance at the Elbo Room I didn't have fun and I could tell it wasn't a good performance. I wanted to relax a little and that little turned into a lot! Vodka/ 7up for some reason was the drink of the night.
I still get so nervous before I go on stage, sometimes I can't think, can't breath, I feel like I'm going to throw up, all kinds of craziness goes on. Last night, none of that was going on. I knew the dance (as I always do) and just didn't worry about it (as I always do) and I had a blast, the audience had a blast and nothing but good stuff happened.
Good stuff.
My boss isn't gone all the time so I need to learn how to be less nervous and more fun with out the booze.
Dangerous Delilah

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What's a Girl to DO?

I'm happy and excited about the new year. And for the first time I made some resolutions because I've been a bit down in the dumps. Things in my life have just been ok to a little not so good. So..... whats a girl to do? I went shopping :) Is that a bit cliche, yes, but it made me feel better and will help me with one of my resolutions

Let me tell you what has been going on. Well, for one I've been having issues with my skin :( It has been so dry so I tried some moisturizer that made me break out. Yuck. As a burlesque dancer my face is front and center. Thank god for make up, but I want perfect skin! I think I'm going to use Proactive. I used it when I was younger and it worked. This will be a quick fix.

Another issue is, I eat when I'm unhappy. It makes me feel better. During last year there was plenty to make me unhappy unfortunately, so I ate plenty! BOO! Now I feel uncomfortable in my own skin and THAT is NOT good. Confidence is the one of the sexiest things and I've lost a bit of my confidence, not all but I'm not feeling great either. As a performer it is so important to feel strong, sexy and confident on stage. I've never been a skinny girl and I don't want to be. I'm a sexy, curvy girl and I want to feel that way again. What did I do?

I told you already! I went shopping :) I went to the marina over to the Good Feet store and got fitted for the perfect pair of running shoes. Now I need to get my booty movin. Stow Lake here I

I have something now to help me feel better about myself, but its going to take time. I needed something to make me feel good now and not something to eat :) Don't worry. I found just the thing to light up my eyes. Sparkles galore!

They are oh so pretty! They make me feel like I have a party on my feet. Now if that doesn't make you feel good, I don't know what will.

Things don't always go the way you want or come to you as easy as you would like them too. I want to be in charge of my happiness. Two pairs of shoes and some face wash, will help me find my happiness with myself.

More on new year resolutions to come!


Dangerous Delilah

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The NEW Year!!!!

A new year......wow. A NEW YEAR!!

I'm not sure why but I'm excited for this year. Last year wasn't bad but, it wasn't good either. Now there is a new year ahead of me and I have so many ideas and things I want to do. I feel like I can do them all!! There is so much I want to talk about here on DD :) I can't wait to have you come along with me on my trip into discovering burlesque.

Today, I'm I going to give you something different. A review on make-up, not it's not burlesque, but you can't be a burlesque star without make-up! This isn't stage make-up, I'll blog about that a little later. It's just beautiful make-up that can be simple beauty to going out on the town glamor.

All this from a little box from Lorac. Close up: Real Life to Red Carpet, Eye Tutorial

I was Christmas shopping for make-up for my beautiful, non make-up wearing sister. Now, my sister is a pretty smart gal, but when it comes to make-up she is a bit on the clueless side and now she has a sweet little boy to chase around so make-up comes to her even less. I saw this box in Ulta, the eye shadow on the cover caught my eye. When I picked it up I saw all the lovely goodies inside and knew my sister had to have this. I really really wanted the eye shadow for myself, but it only comes with the box. The make-up counter lady said she only uses the eyeliner that comes with it, I picked it up for myself and I love it.

What's in the box you ask? Let me tell you.... and keep in mind the first time I tried this out was for New Years Eve. I'm not sure why I chose such a big night to try something new but I did :)

Ok first up, Behind the Scenes Eye Primer, this primer is pretty colorless, thin and applied easy with my finger. I'm used to a thicker or creamier primer so I was impressed when the eye shadow stayed all night and didn't creep into the crease.

Second, Front of the Line pro in Black, Holy COW this stuff is amazing. I tried it in the store on my hand first and no way was it going to smudge. This is inky black and the brush makes a smooth line, easy to make a sharp look perfect for a pinup look. The only problem I had was with the lid, not sure what was going on with that.

Next, Special Effects Conditioning Primer/ Defining & Lengthening Mascara, it comes up short. I skipped the conditioning side and just applied the defining & lengthening side. It has a thin brush that ended up making my lashes look like short stiff sticks. I had to apply my usual mascara to get the glamorous look I was wanting.

There is a Duel Ended Brush that comes in the box. One end is for applying the eye shadow and the other for blending. It worked well enough, but I like my usual brushes better.

Last is the Eyed Baked Eye Shadow Trio in Movie Star, I am in love with these colors. The colors are a light cream/ tan, a gold/ tan, and black. They are all slightly shimmery that reflects beautifully in the light with not a hint on glitter.

Oh! I forgot there is a step-by-step tutorial included that shows you how to look like a girl next door beauty all the way to going out on the town glamour.

This box is jam packed and most of it is great. I was really impress with the fact that my eye make up lasted way past midnight into the new year. And my sister? Well she followed the tutorial and 15 mins later she looked amazing.


Dangerous Delilah