Monday, October 31, 2011

A Class with Satan's Angel

Last Sunday was a beautiful sunny day. That doesn't happen often in San Francisco. You know what else doesn't happen in SF? Satan's Angel. But, it happened. Last Sunday I took her class. It was a beautiful day.

I didn't know what to expect. I didn't do my research about Satan, before I went. I knew she is a burlesque legend. And that was enough for me to sign up for the class. I'm so glad I did. She started off talking about herself, how she got into burlesque. Then she got real. The beautiful Angel laid it out for us. And I learned a lot.

I'm not qualified to tell you what I learned, you just have to take her class to find out. She was honest in away we, as dancers that get naked, need to hear. When I perform I ask friends; dancers and non dancers who are close to me, how I can improve. The answer is always "you were great!" This is very sweat, but not helpful. Satan, has never seen me dance and more than likely never will, but she was able to help me with her tips.

She was encouraging in the old classic style of burlesque, which is right up my ally.  A great quote of the night came when she was talking about burlesque schools. She never took a class or went to a school.
       "If you know how to screw, you know how to bump and grind."
Isn't that awesome. The whole afternoon was like that, wonderful.

Satan made a good point when she said to take classes from the legends of burlesque. They are not going to be around  long and once they are gone, no one will replace them.  I have now met two burlesque legends; Tempest Storm and Satan's Angel, I know I have so much to learn from these beautiful women.

At one point she talked about stage names. She was talking about how she thought some names would never work and were not a burlesque name. I was curious to see what she would say or not say about my name when I introduced myself. I was so happy when she said "that's a great name." Yeah!Whoot whoot!!!

 Let me tell you. If you ever have an opportunity to take a class from Satan's Angel, do it, don't miss out.
Thank you Dottie Lux for hosting this amazing woman.

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