Monday, November 14, 2011

Just Talk to Me

I've had two brief relationships since I've included burlesque in my life. The first, the guy loved burlesque shows. He took pictures, helped me, took me to all the shows, chatted with the regular men and women that were around. But he always asked, 'when would I be quitting?' Some how he came up with the idea that I would quit in 5 years....not sure where this came from, but I didn't dispute it. The relationship ended and I was alone in my little burlesque world for a long time.

Then I met man number 2.  I told him on our first date that I was a burlesque dancer, he was interested and seemed to understand what burlesque was. One night he sweetly came over and help me glitter some flowers for my hair. He came to a few shows and seemed to enjoy himself. Then BAM!! out of no where he dumps me and blames it on the fact that he is uncomfortable with his girlfriend getting naked in front of strangers.

It's fine. I understand a lot of people have a hard time with dating a burlesque dancer. It takes someone strong and confident in themselves, and a lot of trust. What makes me pissed off is that I have been lead to believe that these two men were okay with the whole burlesque thing when in reality they weren't. 

I'm all about communication. Tell me what bothers you, I sure as hell will! There is nothing wrong with talking to the person you care about. Especially when it comes to something like burlesque. It's its own unique world that is hard to understand.

For me the reality is.....I would love to find someone lovely that accepts burlesque or is worth giving up burlesque for.

Dangerous Delilah

Monday, October 31, 2011

A Class with Satan's Angel

Last Sunday was a beautiful sunny day. That doesn't happen often in San Francisco. You know what else doesn't happen in SF? Satan's Angel. But, it happened. Last Sunday I took her class. It was a beautiful day.

I didn't know what to expect. I didn't do my research about Satan, before I went. I knew she is a burlesque legend. And that was enough for me to sign up for the class. I'm so glad I did. She started off talking about herself, how she got into burlesque. Then she got real. The beautiful Angel laid it out for us. And I learned a lot.

I'm not qualified to tell you what I learned, you just have to take her class to find out. She was honest in away we, as dancers that get naked, need to hear. When I perform I ask friends; dancers and non dancers who are close to me, how I can improve. The answer is always "you were great!" This is very sweat, but not helpful. Satan, has never seen me dance and more than likely never will, but she was able to help me with her tips.

She was encouraging in the old classic style of burlesque, which is right up my ally.  A great quote of the night came when she was talking about burlesque schools. She never took a class or went to a school.
       "If you know how to screw, you know how to bump and grind."
Isn't that awesome. The whole afternoon was like that, wonderful.

Satan made a good point when she said to take classes from the legends of burlesque. They are not going to be around  long and once they are gone, no one will replace them.  I have now met two burlesque legends; Tempest Storm and Satan's Angel, I know I have so much to learn from these beautiful women.

At one point she talked about stage names. She was talking about how she thought some names would never work and were not a burlesque name. I was curious to see what she would say or not say about my name when I introduced myself. I was so happy when she said "that's a great name." Yeah!Whoot whoot!!!

 Let me tell you. If you ever have an opportunity to take a class from Satan's Angel, do it, don't miss out.
Thank you Dottie Lux for hosting this amazing woman.

Her ebay store:
Her website:

Dangerous Delilah

Thursday, September 15, 2011

I'm in an Article !                      

My friend Vanessa Chan wrote a wonderful article on a side of burlesque that the dancers live with everyday, but no on talks too much about. I know for me the subject is something I think about everyday and I may have to deal with at some point. Read the article. It's about career women who are deciding to be burlesque dancers and the consequences they face if it is found out. 

It is so well written and the photography by Green La Fleur is the topping on the cake. There is a beautiful photo of me too!

Go and enjoy the read.

Dangerous Delilah

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I'm a little bit drunk tonight

I have been drinking on a Tuesday night. This never happens. I'm responsible and never drink during the week. Tonight was an exception,  as I met up with old friends that I love a lot. It was fun.

As I sit here in the dark of my living room, with  slight glaze to my eye and a soft swirl in my head. I realise how much I've been missing burlesque. I have taken a short break, my first one for quite awhile. My paycheck required a break as I headed off to the far off  land of Costa Rica. I have taken 2 months off from performing.

My oh my how I miss it, but besides that I have started to feel less creative. The thought process and the rush of creating a new idea has left me. This is not a good feeling. As I think of ways to counter act this feeling I have come up with..... 1) hunting for a new song to do an act to. 2) I need inspiration and the easiest way to do this is to go and watch some shows. 3) I need to hunt on youtube, seeing these lady's are so inspiring.

my head is fuzzy. I want to dance and I have a song stuck in my head. This is good, this the start.

Dangerous Delilah

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Some Awesome Photos from an Awesome Show

July 12, 2011 was Hubba Hubba Reviews Tropical Adventure at The Uptown. It was so much fun I drank a sweet, fruity drink with a little umbrella and the stage lights turned into a hot tropical sun and the lady's on stage made the audience get all steamy. I invited you all and those that went know what I'm talking about. Those who didn't....well you suck. Relive those moments with me now or see what you missed out on.
Bombshelly Betty was a sweet and funny bobble hula girl.
Photo by Raul Castro
 Then I found her dancing with Violet Streak. What a fun night.
Photo by Raul Castro
 This is one of my top favorite acts it's "Candyman" with (from left to right) Mistress Marla Spanks, Cinnamon Stick and If-N-Whendy. I could watch this act over and over. Anyone have it on video?
Photo by Raul Castro
Photo by Raul Castro
  The stunning Miss If-N-Whendy

Photo by Raul Castro
Candy O'Keeffe doing a jungle dance!

Photo by Raul Castro
I love when performers interact with the audience.
Photo by Raul Castro
 Red Velvet doing a beautiful Polynesian dance
Photo by Raul Castro

Photo by Raul Castro

More If-N-Whendy. I can't get enough of her.
Photo by Raul Castro

Photo by Raul Castro
  My Sassy sailor friends Pearl E. Gates on the left and  Cosette L'Amour
Photo by Raul Castro
Here I am as a Mermaid. This is one of my favorite costumes yet! I love the starfish.

Photo by Raul Castro

Photo by Raul Castro

Photo by Raul Castro

Photo by Raul Castro

I hope you enjoy the photos! I am.

Dangerous Delilah

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Pastie Making Workshop

I had the pleasure of taking Randy Johnson's (on facebook at!/2randy )  pastie making workshop a weekend ago. If you are anywhere in San Francisco, then you know that Mr. Johnson is THE pastie MASTER!! His pasties have graced the burlesque stage on many a beauties boobies. Not only does he make ready to wear pasties, he also does custom jobs. His pasties are beautiful, creative, extremely well made and very durable.

If-N-Whendy making hypnotizing pasties
I've been making pasties myself for about two years. But a refresher class was fun and I learned about the best way to make rhinestone pasties. 
Tasty Temptress gluing rhinestones, so pretty!
The Master at work
My first attempt

These are called blanks, the base of a pastie

This workshop went so well, I believe he'll be doing it again. I suggest that if you can, go.
Dangerous Delilah

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Surf City Burlesque

I have the honor of being part of the group Surf City Burlesque. We are a small group that perform in Santa Cruz. We don't get to perform often so please come out and support us!

On a side note.... I realise I need to be posting more photos! I'm so sorry about that. Also, sadly since I don't have the best camera, I tend to not take photos of what I'm creating....and you've all missed my amazing mermaid costume. Boo!! I'll get better.

Dangerous Delilah

Monday, July 11, 2011

Tropical Adventure

Please come out to the Elbo Room in SF on 7/12/11!! I'll be the mermaid.

Dangerous Delilah

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wenches at the Pirtates Ball

I had the pleasure of performing with Laika Fox, Red Delicious, Mistress Marla Spanks and Cinnamon Stick at the first ever annual Pirates Ball in Benicia, Ca. Oh.....what a rowdy time we had. Love these Saucy Lady's.

Red Delicious & Dangerous Delilah

Sexy Cinnamon Stick

Laika Fox and her saucy Wenches

Sassy Mistress Marla Spanks

Laika Fox bing DAMN foxy

The stunning Red Delicious

Don't worry I will post a few more from this show, since it was such fun!

Dangerous Delilah

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lace up Pain in the Ass Dress

I thought it would be so hot to unlace a dress. It seemed much more fun than the standard zipper. I had no idea the freakin work that goes into a lace up dress!
Just to practice a four minuet song you have to relace the damn dress. It gets tiresome. This dress has 62 holes to put ribbon thru. For this act I undo the laces in three different places, so what that means is..... I have to count the holes every time, like I said it gets tiresome.

I came up some ways to make my life a little easier when it comes to this dress.

First, I put a tiny mark where one of the ribbon sections starts. This helps me, so I don't have to count every time and it shows me that they are lined up correctly.

Second, since I have to reach behind my back and unravel the ribbon. I found that I was having a hard time finding the top of the ribbon to pull so I stuck a small safety pin in the top of the ribbon. I am now able to find the pin and pull that instead of fumbling to find the ribbon.

I hated that I was spending more time lacing the dress up than practicing it. Now, with these few small adjustments, its still a hassle, just a little easier!
Oh! and tip number three. Watch out for the fur balls that think your costume is the most fun toy to come around!

Funny Kitty!

Fourth, as you can see the ribbon I used is the thinnest I could find. I switched out the original which was a thick rope thing and put this one in its place. The dress almost unravels itself, which is just what you want when you're reaching blindly behind your back. I give the credit for this tip ti none other than the wonderful Bombshell Betty!

Now, come to the Elbo Room on June 14th to see the dress unlace!

Dangerous Delilah