Monday, April 25, 2011

I'm art!

It has been quite awhile since I've wanted to blog.  I had my life turn upside down just a little since I'm dealing still with a break up and my nice roommate decided to find a place with her boyfriend. I had somethings to take care of.  Things are almost all straightened out now and it time to BLOG!

Right before all this upheaval I was meandering around on Facebook when I stumbled across an artist that caught my eye. Nikki Morris, an artist that makes beautiful orginal burlesque art! As a lover of so many things burlesque I had to check out more of her work. I found her on etsy, now it's your turn

I have always wanted to be 'art' either in the form of photography, paintings, drawings anything. There is something so romantic, eccentric, timeless about it. So I took a chance and got intouch with Nikki. She was so easy to work with even an ocean away. She listened to everything I wanted and gave me such a beautiful image that I am excited to share with you all!

This was the first 'idea' of what she came up with out of what I told her I wanted. I loved it so I gave it a go. I'll show you the final painting in just a minuet.

Now for a little interview with Miss Nikki!

1. How long have you been painting in general? How long for these burlesque paintings?

I can't remember not painting, it was my favourite thing since I could lift a brush or pencil. I have been doing the Burlesque work since 14th January 2011, after 3 weeks of trying to get the look for them I had about given up. On the 11th Jan I read an email I sent to myself from, saying that if by the time I read the email I hadn't made any progress, to pack it in as had planned on two years to start making some progress! Good job I don't listen to myself! Finally found my very own style and subject I adore!

2. Did you take art classes or self taught?

Self taught, although did some rendering classes at college for visuals of products when I studied to become and Industrial Designer.

3. Why have you chosen this subject matter?

I have dabbled in corsetry (both painting and wearing) and also Pin Up art in years gone by. But painting Burlesque allows me to paint all things feminine, and express the inner I will never make a Burlesque Dancer...this combines two passions.

4. Why do you like to use the watercolors & ink?

Using these mediums allows for me not to be so rigid in my approach to my artwork as theres some left to lady luck, especially when I am doing wet into wet work, using mediums for texture such as salt and blowing the ink...I only have a certain amount of control....its a good leveller to be creative. I have now just started my first large canvas called 'Shake your Tail Feather' still using Indian ink, but will be using acrylic paint to experiment further.

5. The paper you have used is unique, why do you like to use this?

 Its the best paper I have found that will take different methods of painting, using wire, brushes and the mediums to create effects, like metholated spirit. This paper pretty much takes everything I throw at it.

6. Anything you would like to add?

 I literally adore painting these picture, they really do come from the heart. My website Boudoir Gallery shows all my Burlesque paintings to date.

I can't stop gushing about my painting. From the pretty UK stamp on the envelop, to the pink and totally burlesque wrapping it came in, to the texture, and of coarse the artistry that is this piece!

Don't you love it! I sure do. Thank you thank you thank you Nikki!

Dangerous Delilah