Monday, November 14, 2011

Just Talk to Me

I've had two brief relationships since I've included burlesque in my life. The first, the guy loved burlesque shows. He took pictures, helped me, took me to all the shows, chatted with the regular men and women that were around. But he always asked, 'when would I be quitting?' Some how he came up with the idea that I would quit in 5 years....not sure where this came from, but I didn't dispute it. The relationship ended and I was alone in my little burlesque world for a long time.

Then I met man number 2.  I told him on our first date that I was a burlesque dancer, he was interested and seemed to understand what burlesque was. One night he sweetly came over and help me glitter some flowers for my hair. He came to a few shows and seemed to enjoy himself. Then BAM!! out of no where he dumps me and blames it on the fact that he is uncomfortable with his girlfriend getting naked in front of strangers.

It's fine. I understand a lot of people have a hard time with dating a burlesque dancer. It takes someone strong and confident in themselves, and a lot of trust. What makes me pissed off is that I have been lead to believe that these two men were okay with the whole burlesque thing when in reality they weren't. 

I'm all about communication. Tell me what bothers you, I sure as hell will! There is nothing wrong with talking to the person you care about. Especially when it comes to something like burlesque. It's its own unique world that is hard to understand.

For me the reality is.....I would love to find someone lovely that accepts burlesque or is worth giving up burlesque for.

Dangerous Delilah