Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Where would burlesque dancers be without pasties??? We wouldn't be! So this blog is about the pretty little sparkling tassel twirling things that cover our beautiful bits. With a few pictures :)

To make a pastie you need; a stencil, card stock, glue, scissors, sequins, and tassels.

Stencils can be any shape you want. Circles are the easiest to make for beginners. You can make stars, hearts, large or small shapes, whatever you want. The main thing to remember is the pasties needs to come to a point in the center. So, in the pictures below that is what the line to the center is for, turning the flat paper into a cone. Once you have your pasties cut out, you need to put on your tassel.

Tassels! These can be any length and almost any material. The most common are small ropey kind or they can be beads. I've seen some that are fishing line with fish on the end! When the tassel is a little heavy they twirl better.

Next, you have to make your card stock with a tassel actually pretty. Cover the card stock in whatever you like, make a design, a picture, use sequins, or rhinestones. Basiclly use your imagination. On my first attempt at a pastie I used sequins. The hearts are kinda rough looking and I've never used them. I'll try again later.
These are the second pair of pasties I made. I wanted to have skin colored pasties that only showed sparkle. I hope these looked better from far away!And last I wanted to show you some very nice pasties that I bought. These are beautiful.Now you have a pastie, how do you put it on? Several ways. Eye lash guy, wig glue or the way I do it, with carpet tape. Yup, the stuff that sticks the carpet to the floor. I cut a square and stick it on the back of the pastie then stick it to my skin. With useing this method I've never had on come off. I think everyone should have a pair and learn how to twirl them. Its so funny and fun, you can help but smile.
Dangerous Delilah

Monday, September 27, 2010

Never Miss it Again.

What's a girl to do with so many shows going on, how can I keep track? If you search the web looking for a show in San Francisco you can find five shows or not one show. I would get so frustrated finding about an amazing show that I was getting excited to see only to find out it was last week! Boo! As someone wanting to learn more and see different performers it's frustrating to miss out on whats going on in the area.

Until........ I found San Francisco Burlesque Review. The blogger that keeps everyone in the know is Maxwell Wood. He has taken on the daunting task of putting together a list of all the shows going on that month and breaks it down to the day and time, even giving a little blurb about the shows.

Amazing! So never miss a show again and log on to the site. I do!

Dangerous Delilah

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Hi my Friends,

I have been very lucky, for the past year and a half I've been able to use the internet at my apt. for free. Yes free! I was very happy. Alas it was not to last, as of a week or so ago the link I used is no longer free :( and I am very sad.

So whats a girl to do? I can't live a normal modern life without Internet, so I signed up for a cable/ internet package. Whoot whoot! The cable guy came last Thursday. Unfortunately, what they don't tell you is that you need a router. It's available from the cable company, but you have to order is separate. I wonder why they don't just bring one, since it's free. What does this mean? It means I still don't have internet at my place. I'm using the work computer, but I really don't want to. On a side note, I'm very excited to have cable. I haven't had T.V in my apt. for at least a year! So, it has been very fun channel surfing :)

Hang in there my blog friends & don't forget me. I have a new act in the works that I can't wait to share with you!

Dangerous Delilah

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Make-up and Hair

Like I said in my last blog, I'm uninspired. Or now I should say 'was uninspired.' Also, I talked about a website called I've been spending a lot of time surfing this site. It has tons of info on it. Examples are videos on brows, lips, different hair styles, make-up reviews, tips, also you can post any kind of make-up/ hair question and women from all over will answer you! FUUUN!

I'm pretty good at the whole winged eye flip thing. Being a girl from SoCal, we all tend to wear a thicker lined eye, I then just extend it into a flip, pretty easy for me. But my favorite eyeliner was discontinued so I've been having a harder time adjusting and finding a new one to replace it. So I think I will ask the pinupdollhouse lady's for some recommendations!

For a pin-up look, that was about as far as I ever got. In my new found interest in all things pin-up I want to figure out this whole look, the eyes, cheeks, lips, and hair. (Hair is what I dead the most!) To me the look is very fresh faced, clean and not too make-upy with put together hair.
I can't wait to start trying out the make-up, this part for me is fun, easy, and I have a lot of make-up! Actually, as I'm blogging I'm realizing I don't have any new make-up and the way I do my make-up is pretty, but I've been doing it the same for quite awhile now. Hummmm. It's time for a fresh look :)

The part I'm worried about, but looking forward my hair. I've never in my life had a hair style. I wash, brush and go, a lot of the time never blow drying! I don't own a can of hairspray! I have long, layered, heavy hair and these pin-up styles show tons for curling and pinning. The looks are so nice though. I would love to wear glamorous hair when I'm performing, that's my goal.

I guess I'm off on a shopping trip. New make-up, bobby pins, and hairspray. I think my arms are going to be tired!


Dangerous Delilah

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Web Fun

I have been uninspired. I haven't had any creative juice flowing anywhere. So, I've been searching the web. I haven't quite found inspiration yet, it's getting there.

The first I've been searching in the last week is, This site is all about talking, sharing and helping each other on hair, make-up, clothing, all kinds of things. Women sign up and post video tutorials, tip and tricks. You can ask questions and for help and the gang will answer you back. Don't even think this site is just for lady's that want to have the pinup look, oh no, there is TONS to see and learn for any look you want. I've been watching a bunch of videos on hair. They are easy to watch, have great tips and you can watch the girl do the hair right in front of you. As a woman that puts her hair in a bun everyday, these have been very helpful. It's been fun for me, a lover of make-up, to read all this great ideas and see new things to do and try. With the way my job is, I tend not to wear much make up during the day and when I go out with the Boyfriend, I look pretty, but the same. So, I need some where to do to try these fresh ideas out!

Please check out this site for some great ideas and sound your virtual self with like minded lady's.