Thursday, November 25, 2010


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!!!

I hope you all stuff yourselves, then take a walk and then a nap and then eat turkey sandwiches! That's the tradition in my family!

Today is a day that we are all given the chance to take the day off and think about what we are thankful for in our lives. For me Thanksgiving has been a day of spending it with family. I grew up far away from my Grandma's, Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins. On Thanksgiving, my small family would all pack into the car and drive the whole looong way to the relatives house. My sister and I would play the ever fun "pinching game" that would lead to first laughter, then tears, then the parents yelling, then bruises all over our bodies. Let me tell you this was OH SO FUN! Then we all waited for the food and devoured the food all in a loud big family way. Then the best part was we all went for a walk around the long block, everyone would go, even the horse and the dogs. It was a beautiful day. I miss it.

These past few years of living in San Francisco have turned Thanksgiving into a little bit different day. I would go off with my sister the her husbands family. It was all very nice with great food, I'm thankful they always included me and made me feel welcome. Now, today as I have a cheesecake in the oven, my day will be different again. Today I'm going over to some lovely friends house to enjoy the afternoon. I'm hoping for good food, great friends and for my cheesecake to turn out!

I am thankful for these memories of my past and am looking forward to making new ones. For this year that is almost over I have not had the best year. This is when I must really look at what I do have in my life and be thankful. So, what am I thankful for? My sweet new nephew, Evan. He has shown me how wonderful a child can be. He is sweet, smart, big, funny and just amazing. I'm amazed by how fast he learns something new! And he melts my heart when I hear his little child voice say my name. I am thankful for my mom & dad who always love me. My sister who is strong and supportive and always tries to my me feel better. My boyfriend, who cares for me. My awesome friends, I don't have very many and they are scattered around the world, but I love them. Most I have know for years and years and I look forward to more years! I am thankful for burlesque! This has been an outlet for me and it is one thing that I look forward to. It makes me happy and want to become a better performer. Lastly, I am thankful for Oscar my cat. .This soft fur ball helps me in my stressful day to relax he shows me love with wanting nothing in return but a bowl of food and a warm lap to sit in.

What are you thankful for?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Dangerous Delilah

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Before the Movie

The movie Burlesque comes out tomorrow. Am I going to go see it? Yup, I sure am! I have plans with some friends. Why am I seeing it? Pretty much only because of the title.

Most people don't know what burlesque is or if they 'think' they know, they really have the wrong idea. What I think is going to happen is that this movies might reinforce this wrong idea. On the other hand I'm hoping people will be excited to learn about burlesque and fill the shows up all over the city!! That would be great!
I'll let you know what I think after I see it.
Dangerous Delilah

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I Learned Something

On Thursday I got the privilege to perform at Fire Eaters Anonymous in Blank Space in the Metreon in downtown San Francisco. I was happy to perform, since I didn't think I would get the chance in November, thank you If-N-Whendy!

So this is what happened. I was getting ready at home, putting my hair in hot rollers when I realized, yet again I didn't have any cloths on. Bummer, try putting cloths on with rollers in your hair, its hard just moving your head around! This isn't the first time I've done this too, you would think I would learn. I found a cute warm sweater dress that would fit nicely over the rollers, I finished my make up and went out the door.

When I got to the show no one noticed me, that's fine for me. Then I get into costume with the other lovely lady's If- N-Whendy, Pickles Kintarro, Laika Fox, and Cherry Chapstick. It was a small, quick, beautiful show. When we were done and changed that's when I felt like I didn't belong. The other lady's had something beautiful to put on, something that made them look like performers and like they were something special. I had my sweater dress and flats back on and felt oh so out of place. My boyfriend even said I looked like a goober and I did! Not like a burlesque performer at all, I didn't even want to stay and watch the other things going on.

What I learned is, I need to stay in character. If I want to stand out, feel special, like I belong in the glamorous burlesque genera, I need to act the part. Dangerous Delilah is not a girl in a sweater dress. She is a stunner and I need to make her that way. So the very next day I when to to the Betty Paige store on Haight st and tried on a bunch of beautiful dresses and whittled it down to two. So now I have 3 pinup dresses (the other is from I L.O.V.E. them. The fit and the styling of these dresses make me feel sexy, pretty and classy. I have now worn two of the dresses and I turned heads. Just wait till Dangerous Delilah gets a hold of these :)

I hope to put up pictures of these dresses soon.

Dangerous Delilah

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

No November :(

November has just started, but it has already been a little rough for me. It started with my birthday and the death of my beautiful grandmother.

Also, I do not have a single show this month. What am I to do? Well, I've picked up the book I put down "This Was Burlesque" by Ann Corio. I've been doing word search puzzles, got it at the craft store for a dollar! Score! I've been all over amazon and picked up some fun videos that I will talk about when I get them,I am suuuuper excited for them! And I have picked up the "Pin Up Perfection Magazine" Burlesque issue.

So, to start the book is still uninspiring and hard to get through. And that coming form me a huge reader is crazy. But, I think the magazine is promising, filled with beauties and articles. It was a little pricey (I think it was $14) I hoping it will inspire. I'll be snuggling on the couch with it right after this blog.

I have been thinking that before I get old, it would be nice to have some interesting photos of my young self to show my grand kids one day. So, I'm thinking of doing a photo shoot. More on that later.

Dangerous Delilah

P.S~ I was wonderfully surprised by my sweetie, as a birthday gift he got me sewing lessons! Whoo whoo! Thank you sweetie, I can't wait.