Thursday, December 23, 2010


Merry Christmas friends!!

I would like to tell you what happend today. A nice ten year boy came into the office, and what did he want to talk about? SANTA! It was so sweet, cute and innocent. It made me remember what magic Christmas used to hold for me and I'm sure countless others. The world actually held so much magic for me at one time in life. I used to want to grow up to be a mermaid and a trick pony rider, so why wouldn't Santa be real too?!

The Christmas Trees, the lights, the food, the cookies and candy. Everywhere you go things are decorated so beautifully and festive. People seem friendlier and are thinking of there loved ones. Everyting at this time of year is magical and today a day before Christmas a little boy reminded me of that.

I am luck to be in the world of burlesque, it has a beautiful zainy magic of its own and I love it.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, whither you spend it with family, friends or alone.

Dangerous Delilah

Friday, December 17, 2010

Who Are You?

Two famous character have said this in movies; the Wizard of Oz to Dorothy and the Caterpillar to Alice.Now, I must say this to myself. Who is Dangerous Delilah? Right now, I'm not too sure who she is just yet, she is a mystery to me. So, what to do? I started surfing the web to look for inspirational pictures. Anything that made me think of Dangerous Delilah. So, here they are :)

Ms. Delilah is opulent and lush. She is a lover of french things and delectable food. She is comfortable in diamonds, fur, heels and red lips. She is an adventurer, explorer, and lover of life. I think it is important to know who she is as well as who she is not. She is fun but not a comedian, classy but not pretentious. On stage she is fun, flirty and sexy.

The point of figuring out who your character is helps her be more "real" on stage. Your character can be as much or as little of the real you as you want. I think the more personality of her own and the more you know her the better she will be on stage. She will come alive and be whatever it is you want her to be. She will be confident, fun, flirty and sexy and the audience will see this.
Do I know who Dangerous Delilah is or who I want her to be, no, but I know her a little better. Get to know your stage character, let her be a little be of something......and she might just shine a little brighter on stage for you.

I want to say an extra THANK YOU to Miss. Laika Fox!!! She linked my blog to my new link. So no more :) Just go to whoot whoot!! THANK YOU.
Dangerous Delilah

Monday, December 6, 2010

The Movie Review

I was able to go see the move Burlesque a week or so ago. After taking sometime to sort out my thoughts, I think this movie is pretty bad. There are some good things and some bad things, so let me tell you all about it.

Its starts out with a small town girl, Ali, wanting more, so she leaves. While hitting the pavement of LA looking for a job she sees beautiful Coco, a burlesque dancer, outside the theater. When she enters the theater, Ali doesn't know where she is or what kind of place she has walked into. This is when I was excited. On stage is a group of beautiful women in amazing costumes dancing away. And like me, Ali got excited and wants to join the group. What I really enjoyed about this part of the movie was Ali's excitement and wanting to be the girl up on the stage, because that's how I feel now. I HAVE bought all the books on burlesque, like the girl in the movie. On the other hand, the on stage dances, the stage, back stage, the bar, the costumes, and make-up, is all amazing, but it's not real. It's not burlesque.

After Ali becomes the star, the movie gets really bad. The costumes and make-up stay amazing, but now it pretty much is a Christina Agulaira music video. It's pretty bad. I tried to ignore the bad acting because the costumes and dancing were so good, but at this point in the movie it is too hard to ignore.

In all it's a bad movie with some really good things sprinkled in. To me this was another version of Coyote Ugly with better dancing. I would love to see this movie again, but edited down just to the dancing scenes.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the movie. My hope is....that people will be excited to see what burlesque really is and come out to this shows.

Dangerous Delilah