Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wenches at the Pirtates Ball

I had the pleasure of performing with Laika Fox, Red Delicious, Mistress Marla Spanks and Cinnamon Stick at the first ever annual Pirates Ball in Benicia, Ca. Oh.....what a rowdy time we had. Love these Saucy Lady's. http://pirateball.eventbrite.com

Red Delicious & Dangerous Delilah

Sexy Cinnamon Stick

Laika Fox and her saucy Wenches

Sassy Mistress Marla Spanks

Laika Fox bing DAMN foxy

The stunning Red Delicious

Don't worry I will post a few more from this show, since it was such fun!

Dangerous Delilah

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lace up Pain in the Ass Dress

I thought it would be so hot to unlace a dress. It seemed much more fun than the standard zipper. I had no idea the freakin work that goes into a lace up dress!
Just to practice a four minuet song you have to relace the damn dress. It gets tiresome. This dress has 62 holes to put ribbon thru. For this act I undo the laces in three different places, so what that means is..... I have to count the holes every time, like I said it gets tiresome.

I came up some ways to make my life a little easier when it comes to this dress.

First, I put a tiny mark where one of the ribbon sections starts. This helps me, so I don't have to count every time and it shows me that they are lined up correctly.

Second, since I have to reach behind my back and unravel the ribbon. I found that I was having a hard time finding the top of the ribbon to pull so I stuck a small safety pin in the top of the ribbon. I am now able to find the pin and pull that instead of fumbling to find the ribbon.

I hated that I was spending more time lacing the dress up than practicing it. Now, with these few small adjustments, its still a hassle, just a little easier!
Oh! and tip number three. Watch out for the fur balls that think your costume is the most fun toy to come around!

Funny Kitty!

Fourth, as you can see the ribbon I used is the thinnest I could find. I switched out the original which was a thick rope thing and put this one in its place. The dress almost unravels itself, which is just what you want when you're reaching blindly behind your back. I give the credit for this tip ti none other than the wonderful Bombshell Betty!

Now, come to the Elbo Room on June 14th to see the dress unlace!

Dangerous Delilah

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Relationships and Burlesque Part 1

A weekend or so a go I had two out of town visitors. One was an old friend that I love, he also helped me with my very first burlesque act and is my loudest supporter. The second visitor came with my old friend, for this blog he'll be named New Friend.

On a walk in Golden Gate Park with these two fine gentlemen, I said " I can't go skydiving, I have two costumes to make and pay for."  This caught the attention of New Friend right away. He kept softly saying 'costumes?' His interest was peaked. Now, I don't usually bring up the fact that I'm a burlesque dancer, so I just giggled and smiled at him.

A day later they both came over to my apartment and this is where New Friend saw a newly acquired prop, a whip!
The poor man couldn't help himself. He came running out into the room saying 'You have a whip!"   This in turn got Old Friends attention and he said 'That has to be for burlesque right?" I had quite a bit of fun with this.  This then got us on the topic of me being a burlesque performer and what that is.

What has caught my attention from this silly little interaction is that this was the first positive interaction I've had with a man (who doesn't know what burlesque is) in a long time. That is sad. Very Very Very SAD.  I am purposely using the word man and not people because I have a very different response from most women. With men, they might think its cool and want to go watch, but wouldn't want THEIR lady doing it. The other response I get it is that they believe I am a stripper like the one in a gentleman's club. I AM a stripper, just different. This is what they don't understand, the difference. In both cases I'm looked down upon.

This New Friend was very open, curious and excited. Talking with him made me excited too. It felt good not to be judged. I never care about being judged since I have a strong sense of self and I know what I'm doing is the right thing for me. But, it was nice. He listened while I talked about what burlesque is, asked some questions, was accepting and wanted to see a show.
It's too bad that more men can't be as accepting because the amazing women of burlesque have so much to offer. But it takes a confident, trusting man.....is that hard to find?
More to come on this topic.
Dangerous Delilah