Sunday, March 25, 2012

Making an Act~ Part 1

Recently a reader of mine said she was really interested in how I make an act up, from start to finish.  This process is so crazy and fun and creative, so I'm going to do a series on this topic as I get ready for a show in May.

Most of the shows I perform in are produced by my teacher Bombshell Betty. So what happens is.... she will put out a performer call with the theme for that month. I can sign up or not depending on if I like the theme, have the time and the money. Then it's a mad dash to figure out a character, costume concept, and song. These have to be submitted to her as quick as I can, since Betty has so many other performers submitting ideas at the same time. If I want a spot in the show, I pretty much have to submit an idea in a flash! Yes, this is a little frustrating since for me the song selection takes the longest and I want to put thought into what I want my act to be, but I think she is pretty willing to let a performer change things up a bit as the act grows.

For May 8th show the theme is great! Super hero's & villain's.  I HAD to be in this one. First question: do I want to be a super hero or a villain?  That was easy, who has more naughty fun? The villain of coarse! Second question; Who do I want to be? The first idea that came to me was Cat woman, but that to me was too obvious a character, one everyone would expect to see. The next idea was Poison Ivy. I imagined flowers and vines wrapped around my body, but then I realised my good friend Miss If-N-Whendy had already done an act similar & I didn't want to copy. Then, I had the shining moment idea. The "of coarse I have to be her" idea. The "I can't be anyone BUT her" idea.
Cruella de Vil !!

How perfect a villain is she? She is so naughty, and bosses around men, and her outfit is wonderful.  You have to hate her and love her.  Alright, character = done.

Next, the area that is the hardest for me and takes the longest, finding the right music.  I right way thought of the part of the movie where Rodger is playing a song on his piano about Cruella de Vil. I looked it up on youtube   a very cute and fun Disney song, but not one for burlesque. 

I just kept searching and found the perfect song on itunes, Cruella De Vil by Knightsbridge. It's fun, jazzy, and has a great beat for burlesque!

Last, I had to come up with a costume.  This is pretty easy as Cruella has a pretty famous costume.
I have to figure out how to make it all come off and what will be underneath, but more on that on another blog.

I sent every thing in hoping that it would be approved. And, it was! I'm so happy to be able to come up with my own rendition of such a famous villain!

Check in with me and see how this idea grows into a reality of a full on performance.

Dangerous Delilah

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