Thursday, March 15, 2012

Momma & Burlesque

 My mom came to visit me!! I knew just where to take her, to the fabulous show put on by none other than my mentor Bombshell Betty. Once in a blue moon, Betty puts on a show on Friday nights and this happened to coincide with my moms visit. So I just HAD to take her.

Now, my mom knows I am a burlesque dancer, but she doesn't reeally like to talk about it. I have shown her my beautiful and fun costumes, but once I start telling her how they come off, she is no longer interested.

I really wanted her to understand what I do and what burlesque really is. This show was perfect, I wasn't performing so she could just watch and be entertained! But, I was a little nervous, what if she didn't like it?!

We got all dressed up and went out to a super yummy french restaurant. Some good food, a little wine and we were off to the show. The Los Shimmy Shakers were opening that night with a few dancers of their own. And what was so awesome about not only was the music amazing, but three of my most favorite dancers were dancing for them!! Ms. Red Velvet, Ms. Tasty Temptress and Ms. If-N-Whendy! Oh how I love these lady's. I was so happy and my mom was having a great time. Then to my surprise Bombshell Betty came out and did a stunning, flowy number with the band! My mom loved her. One of the best parts of the night....Mr. Randy Johnson welcomed my mom from up on stage. She got a real kick out of that.

During the break I introduced a few of my burlesque friends to my mom. I showed her the burlesque poker cards I was in, she bought a pair of Randys famous pasties and we watched a few more acts. Since my sister had talked my mom into wearing super high heels, her feet started hurting, well.... all of ours were, and we headed out a bit early.

I asked her what she thought.....She............................liked it!! Whoot whoot! She talked about some of the performers she liked and said she had fun and that it was a bit like theater.  I know that if people learn what burlesque really is, they see that it's not a bad thing.                                                

Love you mom & thank you for being open minded!!

Dangerous Delilah


  1. So glad your mom had a great time!!

  2. It was so great to see you and I am so glad you were able to share it with your mom! xoxo