Monday, April 16, 2012

Making an Act~ Part two, the Costume

*Side note before I start. I want to blog and use  my own photos, but my camera is lost at the moment :(  So when it is found I will show you all, my original costume. xoxo

We all know what Cruella looks like. Long, slip like black dress, red gloves, red heels and over sized cream fur coat. To make my costume these are the MUST pieces. When thinking about costumes I always try to think of what I might already have. I am the queen of reusing costume pieces, I mean hey this stuff gets expensive! I've scoured my closet to think of what I have. I have 1) a long cream coat with a large fur collar. This would work really well, but I don't want to be throwing it on the stage floor or leaving it alone in the dressing room. 2) I have an amazing fluffy white boa. I think this will look beautiful on stage & that is what it was made for (the spotlight!) 3) I have long satin red gloves. Done. 3) I have a short black dress....nah this needs to be long. So I have to buy a new dress, always fun. Last, 4) I have sky high red heels. Done.

 It looks like the think I need first it the dress. I jump onto google images and put in long black dress for inspiration. I found a couple and looked up where to get them. Yikes! The price was waay outta what I would want to spend. Then I had a light bulb go off, "look up slips" So I headed right on over to Fredrick's of Hollywood and found a beautiful long satin slip at the perfect price! Yeah!!! It will need some tweaking to be stage ready...meaning it comes off in a fun unexpected way and it will need some sparkle ;)

It seems now I have my basic MUST items under control. Next I had to think about what goes underneath it all. Since this costume has a set look I couldn't get away from, it's the underthings that got my creative juices flowing! I thought about how I could incorporate the dalmatian into my costume in an interesting way. Bingo! A spotted corset and to make it even creepier... with red lines or ruffles some how (kinda like blood). Red panties and maybe a red bra under the corset. These things I want to make custom all myself. (so I can't wait to find my camera and show you!!!!)  Ok, I'm a little mad now that I can't find it.

This in black will be nice

So here's to finding my camera. And getting this costume together!
Dangerous Delilah

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