Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Amazing, Drool Worthy Rhinestone Shoes

I have been a very busy bee these days. Doing what you may ask? I've been putting little rhinestones, one by one on shoes. Why am I doing this you may ask? To make AMAZING drool worthy rhinestone, incredibly sparkly shoes.

So I'm going to tell you how I did it. First you need rhinestines. On these shoes I'm using SS16 (thats the size) and the color is aurora borealis. This are a rainbow of colors, just like the real thing in the night sky. They are stunning. If you are going to take the time to make rhinestone shoes, invest in quality rhinestones. You don't have to get swaroski crystals, but please don't get plastic.

This is my bucket of rhinestones. I love to look at it. There are several thousand here. You'll need them.

Next, dump a few rhinestones into a shallow container. Here I put them in a lid. This is key to being able to dab at them.

 Things you'll need to make your life MUCH easier. Rubber eraser, this is what you'll use to pick up the stone.

Another tool you'll need is a narrow, thin paint brush.

 Stick some rubber eraser onto the blunt end of the paint brush.
 See how you dab the stone to pick it up? You want to pick up the shiny, curved, stone part. Not the flat black side.

 Next you paint on your glue. I use a glue called Gem-Tac. You can get it at arts- n-craft store (but wasn't able to find it at Michaels) and fabric store. After you get the glue on the shoe, you place to flat side onto the shoe. These should be placed as close as possible. I know one fabulous lady (Bombshell Betty) who even sprinkles glitter inbetween the stones! Whew! Thats a lot of work.

Don't worry about the glue, it dries clear.

Rhinestone close up!!

Here are the amazing shoes. The first show I wore them to, when I got off stage, I was bombarded by so many different women commenting about my shoes, how much they love them & want them & where I got them & how much they cost......and, and , and!

These babys dazzle on stage!

Dangerous Delilah


  1. I wanna make some!!! They are gorgeous!

  2. this is another brilliant style tip, they look great!
    your very creative with your costumes, well done xxxx
    love from London uk

  3. Where do I get the rhinestone ? :)

  4. You are amazing. You are very patient doing that Rhinestones shoe. The glitter and spark give the classy and fashionable look that every woman would love to have. Thank you.

  5. Where did you get the heel and rhinestone?

  6. my question is: what are the shoes made of? are they the shiny kind, velvet, or a leather material?

  7. Could you make me a pair? They're lovely. And I need shoes for homecoming <3